3M GoggleGear 500 Series Scotchgard Anti-Fog Goggles

3M GoggleGear 500 Series Scotchgard Anti-Fog Goggles


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Product Details

Safety goggles feature a durable, anti-fog coating that's bonded to the lens to resist fogging for longer, even after washing multiple times. Advanced Scotchgard coating produces a reduced-contact angle, flattening the water beads into a thin, transparent film of water to allow light to pass through and ensure you maintain a clear vision of your surroundings. Plus, it withstands disinfection with diluted bleach soaking or alcohol wipes without losing its anti-fog performance. Safety goggles with indirect ventilation are perfect for working in hot/humid conditions, indoor/outdoor work, physically demanding tasks, climate-controlled areas and more.


  • Anti-fog properties keep vision clear in wet and steamy environments

  • Durable coating retains effectiveness for at least 25 washings

  • Washable design allows safe use with diluted bleach or alcohol wipes

  • Perfect for humid conditions, outdoor work, demanding tasks and more