Clorox 35420 Clean-Up Disinfectant Cleaner w/Bleach, 4 Gallons


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Clorox 35420 Clean-Up Disinfectant CleanerWholesale Clorox Clean Up with Bleach is a specialty cleaning product that disinfects and deodorizes hard, nonporous surfaces in hospitals, nursing homes, day cares, elementary schools, retirement homes, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and institutional settings. This powerful one-step cleaner, disinfectant and stain remover eliminates odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew. Because it is powered by Clorox Bleach, it removes tough stains such as blood, grass, tomato sauce and greasy dirt. With 4 - 1 gallon refills per Carton you can stock up and save. Order today!Clorox Professional Clean-up Cleaner with Bleach, 1 Gallon Bottle, 4 Bottles per Carton

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Clorox Clean-Up Disinfecting Cleaner, 4 - 1 Gallon Bottles per Carton
• Product SKU: CLO 35420
• Disinfecting cleaner from Clorox Commercial Solutions
• One-step cleaning and disinfecting with the power of Clorox bleach
• Removes tough stains and grease
• Eliminates odors caused by bacteria, mold and mildew
• Deodorizes surface and leaves a fresh, clean scent
• Ideal for use in offices, high traffic restrooms, commercial kitchens, locker rooms & other business facilities
• Suitable for use on most hard, nonporous surfaces
• Safe on cement/concrete, ceramics, enamel, fiberglass, glass, grout, laminates, metal, plastic, sealed/engineered stone & vinyl
• 1 Gallon refill bottle
• 4 Bottles per Carton
• Demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to 2019 Novel Coronavirus on hard, non-porous surfaces
• Clorox 35420 Clean-Up Disinfectant Cleaner w/Bleach