Microflex Ultraform Nitrile Exam Gloves with ERGOFORM (300 pcs)


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Microflex Ultraform® Powder-free Nitrile Exam Gloves form to your hands effortlessly as if it is second skin. In field tests, users wearing Ultraform® actually experienced an increase in fine motor task performance compared to a bare hand.


  • Latex-free
  • Designed with ERGOFORM™ Ergonomic Design Technology to support musculoskeletal health
  • Textured finger tips
  • Think design for superior tactile sensitivity
  • Ultra-soft and ultra-stretchy properties redefine comfort during extended wear 
  • 60% stronger, with more latex-like properties than any other nitrile glove
  • Certified ergonomic glove


  • Length: 230mm
  • Palm width: 95 ± 5mm
  • Cuff thickness: 0.05mm
  • Palm thickness: 0.05mm
  • Finger thickness: 0.08mm
  • Tensile strength: 25MPa
  • Elongation: 500%