RMC Enviro Care Hand Sanitizer I.S., 32 oz Spray, 12 Bottles

RMC Enviro Care Hand Sanitizer I.S., 32 oz Spray, 12 Bottles


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Liquid Hand Sanitizer SprayEnviro Care Hand Sanitizer I.S. is an 80% alcohol-based antiseptic, liquid hand sanitizing rub that moisturizes while killing germs. This is one of our most effective infection control products for hospitals and other healthcare settings.and can be used in all healthcare environments and medical settings to promote compliance with hand hygiene guidelines for infection control and to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Primarily, hands should be washed often by cleaning them using soap and water for 20 seconds. Even if hands do not appear visibly dirty, hand washing with soap and water is most important, especially immediately after removing gloves and after contact with any ill person. RMC Enviro Care Hand Sanitizer does not require rinsing with water or towel drying. If hands are not visibly dirty and if soap and water are not available, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol may be used. Hand sanitizing rub is not intended for use on visibly dirty hands. Directions for Use: After washing hands, spray entire surface of hands, including fingertips and cuticles. Rub hands vigorously and thoroughly, until hand rub dries. No rinse or toweling is required. MADE IN THE USANon-returnable.Rochester Midland Corporation, RMC Enviro Care Hand Sanitizer I.S., 80% Ethanol, 32 oz Trigger Spray, 12 Bottles per Carton

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RMC Enviro Care Hand Sanitizer I.S., 32-oz, 12 Bottles per Carton
• Product SKU: RCM12014015
• Supporting American Workers - MADE IN THE USA
• 80% Alcohol-based liquid hand sanitizing rub
• Acts with a fast evaporation rate, requires no rinsing or toweling
• Non-irritating with added ingredients to reduces skin dryness
• Ready-to-use, no mixing required
• Promotes compliance with hand hygiene guidelines in health/medical settings
• Demonstrated effectiveness against a broad set of viruses including those similar to 2019 Coronavirus as long as CDC guidelines for handwashing and hand hygiene are followed.
• Clear liquid
• 32 oz Trigger spray bottle
• 12 Bottles per carton
• RMC 12014015 Enviro Care Hand Sanitizer
• Non-returnable
• Lead Time: 3-5 days