Solv-All Naturall Moisturing 16 oz Gel Hand Sanitizer, 24 Bottles

Solv-All Naturall Moisturing 16 oz Gel Hand Sanitizer, 24 Bottles


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Solv-All Naturall Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer GelNaturall Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is a refreshing instant hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of most common germs and s used without soap, water or towels. Naturall™ Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer can be used wherever the highest standards of hand hygiene are required and are suitable for use in healthcare and food processing environments and all other workplaces where there is a risk of cross contamination. Naturall™ Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer is effective against a number of commonly occurring bacteria, fungi, yeast and viruses that are known to be highly transmissible and can result in infections and illnesses.Non-returnable.Solv-All, Solv-All Naturall Moisturizing Gel Hand Sanitizer, Pull-Top Bottle, 16 oz, Unscented, Clear, 24 Bottles per Carton

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Solv-All Naturall Moisturing Gel Hand Sanitizer, 16oz, 24/Carton
• Product SKU: SOVS450216P24CT
• Non-returnable
• Moisturizing gel hand sanitizer
• Kills 99.99% of most germs
• Works rapidly against many common micro-organisms within 20 seconds
• Contains Aloe Vera, Vitamins A, B, C, and E leaving skin feeling soft and smooth
• Free of fragrances and dyes
• Free of triclosan, parabens and preservatives
• Made with 70% natural ethyl alcohol
• Clear, unscented
• 16 oz Pull top bottle
• 24 Bottles per Carton
• Demonstrated effectiveness against a broad set of viruses including those similar to COVID-19 as long as CDC guidelines for handwashing and hand hygiene are followed.
• Solv-All 450216 Naturall Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Gel