Spilfyter Sanitizing Wipes Kit w/Misco Fresh Breeze Disinfectant

Spilfyter Sanitizing Wipes Kit w/Misco Fresh Breeze Disinfectant


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Spilfyter & Misco Fresh Breeze Tb Disinfectant Wipes KitThis simple to use kit makes disinfecting and wiping as easy as (1) load the dry wiper roll into the re-usable bucket; (2) pour the Diversey Oxivir Disinfectant Cleaner over the roll of wipers; (3) thread the first wiper through the lid and close. This item comes with your first wiper roll pre-loaded in the bucket. Easily add a wet wipe to your existing cleaning regimen. Wipers easily absorb the cleaning solution while remaining durable to handle your daily cleaning needs. Each coreless roll features 300 dry, Airlaid cellulose-based wipers (6 ¾” x 6”) that pull from the center – perfect for feeding wipers through the sanitizing kit bucket lid. Misco Fresh Breeze is a cleaner and deodorizer that is a disinfectant, virucide, fungicide, mildewstat, and tuberculocidal.Miisco Fresh Breeze Tb is designed specifically as a general non-acid cleaner and disinfectant for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, food service establishments, office buildings, lodging establishments, retail businesses, veterinary clinics, and athlete/recreational facilities where cleaning & disinfecting is of prime importance in controlling the hazard of cross contamination. It is formulated to disinfect hard, non-porous, inanimate environmental surfaces including floors, walls, metal surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, glazed porcelain, glazed ceramic tile, plastic surfaces, bathrooms, shower stalls, bathtubs, and cabinets. May be used on kitchen counters, sinks, appliances, and stovetops. A rinse with potable water is required for surfaces in direct contact with food. For plastic and painted surfaces, spot test on an inconspicuous area before use. This product meets EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.NPS Corporation, Spilfyter Sanitizing Wipes Kit with Misco Fresh Breeze Tb 32 oz Disinfectant Cleaner, 300 Wipes/Roll per Bucket, 2 Bottles of Misco Fresh Breeze Disinfectant Solution, 1 Kit

Spilfyter Wipes Bucket with Two 32 oz Misco Fresh Breeze Disinfectant Cleaner, 1 Kit

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Product SKU: NPS94400BDL3
• Non-returnable
• Disposable cleaning wipes in pop-up bucket
• Designed for use as a pre-moistened wet wipe cleaning system
• Allows for efficient flexibility in any maintenance program
• Create high-grade surface disinfectant wipes at your convenience
• Load bucket with wipes, add disinfectant solution & pull wipe through lid
• Reusable bucket keeps wipes locked securely away, prevents both cross-contamination & dry-out
• High absorption wipes & cleaner sold a a ready-to-use kit
• Misco Fresh Breeze Tb is a ready-to-use, non-acid disinfectant cleaner
• Kills SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in 60 seconds*
• Effective cleaner kills Norovirus, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, MRSA & VRE
• Virucide, bactericide, tuberculocide, fungicide and non-food contact sanitizer
• White, 6.8" x 6" wipes
• 32 oz Fresh Breeze TB Tuberculocidal Disinfectant
• 1 Bucket, 1 roll of 300 wipes, 2 bottles of disinfectant per kit
• 1 Kit per bundle
• EPA Registered (#1839-83-8325) *On List N For Use Against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) AND approved for Emerging Viral Pathogen Claim when used on hard, non-porous surfaces in accordance with manufacturer's directions and CDC guidelines.
• Spilfyter 94400 Sanitizing Wipes Kit with Misco Fresh Breeze Tb