Zep Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel, Gallon Refill, Clear, Each

Zep Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel, Gallon Refill, Clear, Each


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Zep Gel Hand Sanitizer, Gallon BottleGel hand sanitizer features an alcohol-based formula to reduce potentially harmful microorganisms on hands hen soap and water are not available. Gentle ingredients allow repeated use throughout the day without irritation. Hand sanitizer should be used as a supplement to regular handwashing and is particularly useful in healthcare facilities, emergency service vehicles, portable sanitation units, municipalities, police departments, lodgings, fire departments, daycare centers and more.Zep, Inc., Zep Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel, Gallon, Clear, Sold as Each

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Zep Hand Sanitizer, Gel, 1 Gallon, Clear
• Product SKU: ZPE87824
• Non-returnable
• Alcohol-based formula reduces potentially harmful microorganisms
• Advanced solution works without requiring soap and water
• Gentle ingredients prevent irritation through frequent use
• Perfect for use in healthcare facilities, lodgings and more
• Clear gel
• Gallon bottle
• Sold as each
• Demonstrated effectiveness against a broad set of viruses including common flus and those similar to COVID-19 as long as CDC guidelines for handwashing and hand hygiene are followed.
• Zep 87824 Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel